Wheel installed

Finally got the OMP Corsica installed on my car. It feels so much better than the wheel that was on it, now I can actually sit so my knees aren't so close to the dash.

also in picture is the RiverSide Atsushi Kuroi memorial sticker i got from Proper+

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new part acquired

Picked up a OMP Corsica 350mm in Suede to replace the "jdm wood grain" steering wheel I had in the car. It will be much better than the wood grain wheel was when driving to the limit. Ill probably put it in the car this weekend if it isnt raining its ass off.

Still waiting for the right deal to pop up for some used 16" or 17" 5x114.3 wheels that are decently light and preferably cheap too so I can do the 5 lug swap on my car.


Not much new in terms of the car, but I did have a hard drive on my computer go up. Thankfully didn't lose all my data on it, but it is quite frustrating. It will be replaced here in the next few days though.
There will be some new parts arriving here for the car hopefully by the end of the next week. Might actually raise the car as well.. *and fanboys on drift forums everywhere just shit a brick in furry reading this*. Reason being is I want a more functional car all around and im a bit tired of the bouncy ass ride with an inch of preload on the front springs. Also with the change in ride height i'll be looking into getting a different differential, possibly a 1.5 way clutch type as well as a different set of wheels and tires with a bit more grip.