Some more photos + rolling shots

I finally have the photos from the car meet I went to back in October, Photos turned out nice, quiet happy to have some good photos of my car for once rather than either my cellphone pictures haha. Still tweeking the car little by little. Got an alignment done for it as well.
Alignment specs -


    • -3° Camber
    • 8° Caster
    • 0° toe
    • -1.5° Camber
    • 0° toe
    • stock traction rods

Courtesy of Joel Spurgeon

Courtesy of Joel Spurgeon

Courtesy of Chris Walsh

Hey new photos!

So I finally got to getting the 240 registered as historic, no more emissions or inspection! Took it out to a meet over in annapolis on friday night, met up at the denny's, drove to a parking garage for photos, still waiting on the uber cool photos everyone else too, these are just off my little camera.

Haven't had a chance to really even clean the car, been raining off and on for a week now so excuse the dirtyness...

A little update

Took the 240 to emissions yesterday. I went there knowing that the car wasnt running right, had to retard the timing just so it would idle. So by the time i got there i smelled pure raw fuel when I stopped the car (running rich from the timing...) so I kinda figured it wouldnt pass at all haha. But thanks to MD MVA, since the car is 20 years old, I can register it as "historic" which basically means, no inspection, no emissions testing. Woot!

But basically this whole weekend was on and off rain. All I got accomplished was the installation of my front euro tag. I know I know, "did he really just put a euro tag on a japanese car?". Yes I did something outside of the usual JDM tags on a japanese car. Some may like it and take it as the next "cool" trend to follow, probably many will hate it. Either way, I dont care, I like it.

Thats about as productive as my weekend was... (if you look closely, you can see the Circuit Sports Coolant Resiviour that fits like shit. The tab that bolts to the shock tower is off a few inches... and you'd think they would use some sort of jig to weld these? I really doubt it..).
I did manage to get the Tachometer working in my car too... what a pain in the ass that was. Need to clean up my wiring work on that though and get rid of the little quick crimp crap and solder it all together.

Think I found the idle issue with the car....

Looks like the MAF is bad on the car, which would expain the fact that it runs really rich and wont idle at all... That and I pulled the MAF plug off with the car running with me holding the throttle body open and released the throttle body, the car idled... a bit jumpy idle but it still idled, so that leaves me with the idea that the MAF is bad, so I picked one up off ebay which should be arriving soon this week along with my Circuit Sports Coolant Resiviour as my factory plastic one has many cracks in it.
And according to FedEx tracking service, the MAF that I need wont be here till monday but the coolant resiviour will be here by thursday. Damn holidays! Always screwing up shipping scheduals...

New exhaust finally...

Finally got around to replacing that broken Trust SP exhaust on my car with a custom made dart izumi replica look-a-like. 4 hours of mocking up and cutting bends for it, its on. Cost about 170 to make it but the fact that its an exhaust that I basically made with the help of my friend who can weld, is pretty sweet in its own respect.
welding everything together after tacking it on the car.
finally installed at 11pm.
Driving it home, I realized exactly what "Loud" means... this thing is rediculous... I need a turbo to quiet it down some haha! Already managed to scrape a flat spot in the muffler we used (12" Summit Racing Glasspack) just going down the shitty roads here... and my car isnt even that low compared to some of my friend's cars.

A little background on me....

My name is David, I drive a S13 Hatchback that I have owned since highschool. I got most of my friends into drifting in one way or another and am blamed for them being boke most of the time haha! I at times attend drifting and other automotive events as time permits and take a few photos every now and then.

Most of my time though is spend under this fun little car. My s13.

Wouldn't trade it for anything (well, ok fine ill trade it for an s15... but I doubt that will happen haha). Its a serious work-in-progress at the moment, just have the problem of running out of money for more parts haha.
Hopefully I'll have money to get tires for a pair of wheels I have sitting at the house for the car as well as a few other things I'd like to get for it. (more wheels, more tires, aero, paint, a decent looking exhaust...)