Made a little progress today...

Got the new silicone intercooler couplers installed, man I now understand why people hate having to install them... Such a pain to get some of them on, especially on this car, the coupler from the turbo to the hot side of the intercooler pipe is so awkward to install considering the turbo sits practically under the intake manifold.
 before install
 old rubber connectors
 another shot of the rubber ones
 This one was just a general pain to get due to the sheer awkwardness of the angle the end-tank of the intercooler has.
 This... oh how I loathed this one... Had to get to it from between the cold pipe and the J-boot for the AFM with a long screwdriver and even then I was barely able to undo the clamp.
 About 30-40 min later and its all put back together.
All done... probably should have replaced the diverter valve hose while it was apart but that will come soon enough, already spent enough getting things tidy again on this car...

Thanks to Lindsey Racing for their quality 6ply intercooler couplers that came a whole lot quicker than I thought they would and even came with new clamps for them all too!

A bit of a past due update...

Well, this is a bit past due but here is an update to what has been going on...
The 951 is currently on jack stands as I am in the middle of removing the torque tube and transmission from the car as the rear torque tube bearings went up in it. Rather than rebuilding the torque tube and praying it holds together, I have found someone local that has an extra 944 torque tube which interchanges with the 951. Also while thats out i'll be inspecting the clutch disk and if necessary replace that, also since I doubt the car will be done by hyperfest I will do a timing belt replacement and replace cam seals on the car as well as clean up the engine. The downpipe/mid-pipe is off at Decadence Performance Auto to get the o2 bung for my AEM wideband welded on as well as possibly doing a cat-delete while its out of the car. All new exhaust hardware is here from Rennbay as well as intercooler piping couplers to replace the cracked and aged stock ones on the car currently. The wastegate is off the car right now as I have to drill out 4 snapped bolts and re-tap threads on them. Still have to install the sensor for my water temp gauge to finish that install and once the torque tube is swapped out and exhaust put back on I can also finish my wideband install (wired up, just need to install the sensor and plug it in). After all that, need to get tires and repaint the car, then I should be done for a little while... hopefully.

I promise some pictures here soon, just been too focused on fixing things and less about pictures to take them x.x sorry!