So I acquired a new toy....

I recently got my new toy, a 94 Acura Integra LS that needs some love. Car is Milano Red that was sprayed by some half assed bodyshop of some sort who painted over top of the factory paint... Thus making it a very interesting process for me to get this thing painted... Oh yea, forgot to mention it wont be staying red haha. I intend on painting it white over the winter, and im painting everything, not just the outside. It will be along but worth while project.
Hope to be autocrossing the car come spring time with fresh paint and a change in the suspension setup to something along the lines of a Koni/GroundControl setup. Hopefully will have pictures up this weekend of the car as well.

A lot has been going on....

So it's been a while since I updated here, a lot of things have happened and things have changed. I took the 240 to it's first actual drift event (photos soon! I promise.) I bought a 1jz long block with intents on swapping it into my 240sx. Well while I was in the process of doing that a vehicle hit my daily driver so I've been back and forth with their insurance company trying to get the money to fix my car so everything related to the 240 was put on hold.
Well last week I was offered a trade for a built 94 Integra with a built jdm b18c type-r engine, I thought it over and took the deal. The 240 is in possession of the new owner and the Integra will be coming to me very soon. I also managed to purchase a 1986 Porsche 951 that had belonged to my father and decided to give it a new life under my ownership. It needs some love and a good bit of things fixed but that is what I'll be working on this winter and probably for a long while after that. Photos of both cars to come soon as I get to my computer.

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