So I acquired a new toy....

I recently got my new toy, a 94 Acura Integra LS that needs some love. Car is Milano Red that was sprayed by some half assed bodyshop of some sort who painted over top of the factory paint... Thus making it a very interesting process for me to get this thing painted... Oh yea, forgot to mention it wont be staying red haha. I intend on painting it white over the winter, and im painting everything, not just the outside. It will be along but worth while project.
Hope to be autocrossing the car come spring time with fresh paint and a change in the suspension setup to something along the lines of a Koni/GroundControl setup. Hopefully will have pictures up this weekend of the car as well.

A lot has been going on....

So it's been a while since I updated here, a lot of things have happened and things have changed. I took the 240 to it's first actual drift event (photos soon! I promise.) I bought a 1jz long block with intents on swapping it into my 240sx. Well while I was in the process of doing that a vehicle hit my daily driver so I've been back and forth with their insurance company trying to get the money to fix my car so everything related to the 240 was put on hold.
Well last week I was offered a trade for a built 94 Integra with a built jdm b18c type-r engine, I thought it over and took the deal. The 240 is in possession of the new owner and the Integra will be coming to me very soon. I also managed to purchase a 1986 Porsche 951 that had belonged to my father and decided to give it a new life under my ownership. It needs some love and a good bit of things fixed but that is what I'll be working on this winter and probably for a long while after that. Photos of both cars to come soon as I get to my computer.

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Cut these the other day

Like the title says, went to my buddies work and cut these. Rainbow Flake Chrome vinyl is such a pain to cut at times... Have I think 3 left if someone wants them. $10/each shipped for 21" long ones. Comment if you want to buy one.

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Current status.

, originally uploaded by S13_Dave.

Fronts on, awaiting engine.

New wheels + 5 lug installed

New wheels are finally on as well as 5 lug swapped.
Blitz type 01R 17x8 +32 front 17x9 +35 rear with 215/45-17 all the way around. Ordered 15mm spacers for the front to bring the wheel further away from the strut. But for now here's how she sits.

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SWD Pro AM Drift round 2 Finale

Just a quick video of the finale of the event, photos will be up after I go through and upload them.

wheels and 5 lug (rear for now) on

So Friday I awoke to a delivery by the trusty local ups truck, two nice big boxes we have here
so... whats in the boxes?
Ahhhh my Blitz Type 01 wheels have arrived! 17x9 +35 and 17x8 +32 are the sizes of these.

Everything loaded up and headed off to 1fifty1 Motorsports in Annapolis!

Went back to 1fifty1 Motorsports to get my wheels back from having tires mounted and balanced on them, just some used Bridgestones up front with Nankang NS-1 in the rear.
tires mounted

Also got to check out the owner of 1fifty1 Motorsports s13.5 180sx with the new custom 19" show wheels on it

From there, I went up to my buddy Jake's house to help him work on his s13 coupe which is getting a JZA70 1JZ-GTE swapped in it. When I got there, half the wiring was done by our friend Kiely who has the swap done on his R32 GTS-t.
tight fit much? to those that are planing on doing this swap, stay clear the fuck away from zerolift/ruckus racing mounts... unless you intend on not running a heater core, these mounts put the intake piping of the rear turbo RIGHT against the heater core making it impossible to keep the heater core unless you somehow relocate it...

Kiely the mad scientist at work

Oh hi PowerFC!

The car was running before sun down, now only needs Soarer R154 tri-pod looking shifter piece, driveshaft, and downpipe/crossover pipe

Sunday I finally got to work on my car, not much pics as I was too busy working on the car but the end result was 2 rear 5 lug hubs swapped on with new rotors and my wheels
now it just needs more low...

Wheel installed

Finally got the OMP Corsica installed on my car. It feels so much better than the wheel that was on it, now I can actually sit so my knees aren't so close to the dash.

also in picture is the RiverSide Atsushi Kuroi memorial sticker i got from Proper+

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new part acquired

Picked up a OMP Corsica 350mm in Suede to replace the "jdm wood grain" steering wheel I had in the car. It will be much better than the wood grain wheel was when driving to the limit. Ill probably put it in the car this weekend if it isnt raining its ass off.

Still waiting for the right deal to pop up for some used 16" or 17" 5x114.3 wheels that are decently light and preferably cheap too so I can do the 5 lug swap on my car.


Not much new in terms of the car, but I did have a hard drive on my computer go up. Thankfully didn't lose all my data on it, but it is quite frustrating. It will be replaced here in the next few days though.
There will be some new parts arriving here for the car hopefully by the end of the next week. Might actually raise the car as well.. *and fanboys on drift forums everywhere just shit a brick in furry reading this*. Reason being is I want a more functional car all around and im a bit tired of the bouncy ass ride with an inch of preload on the front springs. Also with the change in ride height i'll be looking into getting a different differential, possibly a 1.5 way clutch type as well as a different set of wheels and tires with a bit more grip.

Rolex 24 at Daytona 2010

For those whom don't know the Rolex 24 is a 24 hour endurance race with Daytona Prototypes (DP) and Gran Turismo (GT) class cars battling it out around the track for 24 hours. The Rolex 24 signifies the begining of the race season for the year.
This year was no different as teams, drivers, and spectators from all over the world gathered at Daytona International Speedway for the Rolex 24. This years Rolex started off to a very wet start as a storm passed over the speedway but that didn't stop the race from starting as the teams switched out to their pirelli wet tires for the begining of the race. The race was started on time under a full-course caution with both green and yellow flags flying as the Mazda RX8 pace car lead both DP and GT cars through the first few laps of the race. As soon as the track dried off a bit, the race resumed under full green status.
I have to say, this is one of the best races I have ever been too.

Photos from the event can be seen here on my Flickr page

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Just a random video I found

Haven't updated in a while!

Realized I haven't updated here in a while! Seems everything is work, work, work, some sleep, then more work lately. Catalytic converter on the 240 meet its death on a drive down some back roads, hit a 1.5" diameter stick in the road and it some how knocked the insides of the cat loose... now the car is even louder! 
Finally realized my exhaust has to be either redone or a new one made because the current one sits entirely too low. According to my friend who was following me, watching me drive down the back roads was like watching a spark show underneath my car. So thats another thing that needs to be fixed along with the typical northern 240sx rust issues on the strut towers.
Looking to pick up some new carpet for the car after I remove the sound deadening in the car. Also going to pick up a set of the DMax floor mats for it here soon as well as a driver side axle as the one on the car is going out probably due to that it looks like its the original one from 1989... fun...
Still need to source some cheap 5 lug wheels and acquire 5 lug rotors so I can install my 5 lug parts. Thinking of either S14 SE wheels or Z32 Turbo wheels for something to drive on till I get funds for something in bigger sizing. 
Also still have my fenders to paint and install on the car when it get a bit warmer out as well as some body work on the rear quarter panels that needs addressing as well. I have my work cut out for me! I see a lot of sleepless nights coming up  hahaha.

Also, everyone should check out the latest from the people at FatLace for some fresh gear for 2010!