Haven't updated in a while!

Realized I haven't updated here in a while! Seems everything is work, work, work, some sleep, then more work lately. Catalytic converter on the 240 meet its death on a drive down some back roads, hit a 1.5" diameter stick in the road and it some how knocked the insides of the cat loose... now the car is even louder! 
Finally realized my exhaust has to be either redone or a new one made because the current one sits entirely too low. According to my friend who was following me, watching me drive down the back roads was like watching a spark show underneath my car. So thats another thing that needs to be fixed along with the typical northern 240sx rust issues on the strut towers.
Looking to pick up some new carpet for the car after I remove the sound deadening in the car. Also going to pick up a set of the DMax floor mats for it here soon as well as a driver side axle as the one on the car is going out probably due to that it looks like its the original one from 1989... fun...
Still need to source some cheap 5 lug wheels and acquire 5 lug rotors so I can install my 5 lug parts. Thinking of either S14 SE wheels or Z32 Turbo wheels for something to drive on till I get funds for something in bigger sizing. 
Also still have my fenders to paint and install on the car when it get a bit warmer out as well as some body work on the rear quarter panels that needs addressing as well. I have my work cut out for me! I see a lot of sleepless nights coming up  hahaha.

Also, everyone should check out the latest from the people at FatLace for some fresh gear for 2010! 

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