wheels and 5 lug (rear for now) on

So Friday I awoke to a delivery by the trusty local ups truck, two nice big boxes we have here
so... whats in the boxes?
Ahhhh my Blitz Type 01 wheels have arrived! 17x9 +35 and 17x8 +32 are the sizes of these.

Everything loaded up and headed off to 1fifty1 Motorsports in Annapolis!

Went back to 1fifty1 Motorsports to get my wheels back from having tires mounted and balanced on them, just some used Bridgestones up front with Nankang NS-1 in the rear.
tires mounted

Also got to check out the owner of 1fifty1 Motorsports s13.5 180sx with the new custom 19" show wheels on it

From there, I went up to my buddy Jake's house to help him work on his s13 coupe which is getting a JZA70 1JZ-GTE swapped in it. When I got there, half the wiring was done by our friend Kiely who has the swap done on his R32 GTS-t.
tight fit much? to those that are planing on doing this swap, stay clear the fuck away from zerolift/ruckus racing mounts... unless you intend on not running a heater core, these mounts put the intake piping of the rear turbo RIGHT against the heater core making it impossible to keep the heater core unless you somehow relocate it...

Kiely the mad scientist at work

Oh hi PowerFC!

The car was running before sun down, now only needs Soarer R154 tri-pod looking shifter piece, driveshaft, and downpipe/crossover pipe

Sunday I finally got to work on my car, not much pics as I was too busy working on the car but the end result was 2 rear 5 lug hubs swapped on with new rotors and my wheels
now it just needs more low...

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