A Fresh Year Brings New Things

Well, its been 4 months since the last post -.-* sorry about that... But good news I suppose you could say, I managed to sell off the ITR project that was stalled for a long time and eventually lost all interest in it. Upon its sale I decided to pick up a new daily. Thus I bring you, the battle tank! (my new DD, 2000 BMW 540I M-Sport)
Day after I brought her home!
So far, fixed the rear window shade, installed my V1, put trim rings on the gauge cluster, installed new front brakes, and have cleaned it up from how she looks in the photo. Need to still do the rear brakes and get one of the tires replaced as I had a screw lodge itself into one of the grooves in the rear tire before work today. I rather not drive around with a tire plug in it especially since this will be my transportation to Florida in a month and a half and would like to make it there in 1 piece and not have a blow out at highway speeds.

So that is it for right now, will have more to post up as things slow down a little in life right now as right now its all a bit hectic.

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