A little background on me....

My name is David, I drive a S13 Hatchback that I have owned since highschool. I got most of my friends into drifting in one way or another and am blamed for them being boke most of the time haha! I at times attend drifting and other automotive events as time permits and take a few photos every now and then.

Most of my time though is spend under this fun little car. My s13.

Wouldn't trade it for anything (well, ok fine ill trade it for an s15... but I doubt that will happen haha). Its a serious work-in-progress at the moment, just have the problem of running out of money for more parts haha.
Hopefully I'll have money to get tires for a pair of wheels I have sitting at the house for the car as well as a few other things I'd like to get for it. (more wheels, more tires, aero, paint, a decent looking exhaust...)

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