A little update

Took the 240 to emissions yesterday. I went there knowing that the car wasnt running right, had to retard the timing just so it would idle. So by the time i got there i smelled pure raw fuel when I stopped the car (running rich from the timing...) so I kinda figured it wouldnt pass at all haha. But thanks to MD MVA, since the car is 20 years old, I can register it as "historic" which basically means, no inspection, no emissions testing. Woot!

But basically this whole weekend was on and off rain. All I got accomplished was the installation of my front euro tag. I know I know, "did he really just put a euro tag on a japanese car?". Yes I did something outside of the usual JDM tags on a japanese car. Some may like it and take it as the next "cool" trend to follow, probably many will hate it. Either way, I dont care, I like it.

Thats about as productive as my weekend was... (if you look closely, you can see the Circuit Sports Coolant Resiviour that fits like shit. The tab that bolts to the shock tower is off a few inches... and you'd think they would use some sort of jig to weld these? I really doubt it..).
I did manage to get the Tachometer working in my car too... what a pain in the ass that was. Need to clean up my wiring work on that though and get rid of the little quick crimp crap and solder it all together.

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