New exhaust finally...

Finally got around to replacing that broken Trust SP exhaust on my car with a custom made dart izumi replica look-a-like. 4 hours of mocking up and cutting bends for it, its on. Cost about 170 to make it but the fact that its an exhaust that I basically made with the help of my friend who can weld, is pretty sweet in its own respect.
welding everything together after tacking it on the car.
finally installed at 11pm.
Driving it home, I realized exactly what "Loud" means... this thing is rediculous... I need a turbo to quiet it down some haha! Already managed to scrape a flat spot in the muffler we used (12" Summit Racing Glasspack) just going down the shitty roads here... and my car isnt even that low compared to some of my friend's cars.

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